Places need to know. Biryuch (2015)

Country: Russia

Director: Svetlana Igunnu

Writer: Svetlana Igunnu
Camera man: Aleksey Zimin

Duration: 10 min.

Age limitation: 12+


The provincial town Biryuch lived a quiet life until the end of the 18th century. Looks modest. There`re no factories, no schools. But everything changed when the merchant class had come. Biryuch became the center of trade. With all the ensuing consequences. People and the architecture of the city were changing. The shopping arcades – the architectural complex which is famous for the whole modern Belgorod region - appeared in the very center of it. And the names of merchants, whose money was spent for buildings, will go down in history forever. Indeed, thanks to them we can see Biryuch as it was two centuries ago.